With the help of a dedicated group of parents, teachers and volunteers, the PTO continues to successfully help fill the budget gaps through our fundraising efforts.  With the funds we raise, we are able to sponsor school-wide assemblies for cultural enrichment, award classroom grants to teachers to purchase items to complement the curriculum, infuse additional technology into our schools, and enhance the academic experience in many other ways.

In addition to our fundraising activities, the PTO also strives to enhance the social experience for students and their families.  We host community-building and social events such as the Ice Cream Social and Family Fun Night to provide opportunities for families to come together and have fun with teachers and other families.   The Fall Masquerade and the 8th Grade Graduation parties allow students the chance to mingle with their friends.   At the Variety Show, our students have a chance to get up on stage and wow the audience with their talent

In summary, the PTO creates a collaborative partnership between parents and teachers within the district to effectively ensure a quality education and provide our children with the best academic experience possible, mentally, socially, and physically.Type your paragraph here.


As a parent or guardian with children in the Greenwich Township School District, you are already a member of the PTO.  The PTO, led by the Executive Board, serves as a voice for parents, teachers and students in the district to ensure a quality education and provide our children with the best academic experience possible.  We encourage you to be an active and involved member.  Whether it’s volunteering at an event, chairing a fundraiser, or becoming involved in some other way, we appreciate your time and efforts!

 Welcome back all of our new and returning students, parents & teachers to the 2018/19 school year!  It's hard to believe that September is almost over and Halloween is just around the corner.  There have been a few changes to our executive board this year and invite you to get to know us, our mission statement and how you can get involved.




Christine Thompson
Vice President:

Kim Schipani
Treasurer: Becky Smith

Secretary: Kim Mrotek  Fundraising: Melyssa Gimpert, Nicole Carpenter, Jamie Diaz

WELCOME TO THE 2018/2019